“Pain free” hair removal. Is it real?

We often hear, these days, about “pain free” hair removal, with various lasers, usually diodes. But, is it true? Well, let’s look at this more closely… The aim with laser, or IPL, treatment of hair is to induce enough heat in the stem cells that stimulate hair growth in the follicles. To do this, we… Continue reading “Pain free” hair removal. Is it real?

Selective Photothermolysis – an in-depth explanation

Back in 2016 (I think) I gave a talk to the American Society of Lasers Surgery and Medicine about the theory of Selective Photothermolysis. This is the theory which underpins all of today’s photothermal laser/IPL treatments. In this talk I discuss the idea behind thermal relaxation time and how it ‘fits’ with treatments. In fact,… Continue reading Selective Photothermolysis – an in-depth explanation