Laser Safety Glasses – Are you safe?

  All laser users have to take responsibility for their laser safety glasses. Are they the right ones for the job? Are they properly specced? Do they comply with EU regulations? For more on this topic please see my article in Aesthetics –   If you need any advice please feel free to contact me.… Continue reading Laser Safety Glasses – Are you safe?

LSO (Laser Safety Officer) Training

I’ll open with the fact that I am a Certified Laser Protection Adviser (LPA) and a committee member of the Association of Laser Safety Professionals. I am also a member of ASLMS, the BMLA and the ELA. As such, I can go into a laser/IPL centre and carry out a safety assessment to ensure that… Continue reading LSO (Laser Safety Officer) Training

NEW Laser Safety Glasses for Nd:YAG systems

NEW Safety Glasses We can now offer new laser safety glasses for the 1064nm wavelength from Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers (typically used for tattoo removal). These new glasses (left) offer a much better visual inspection of the tattoo compared with the standard glasses (see below). However, they can ONLY be used for the 1064nm as they… Continue reading NEW Laser Safety Glasses for Nd:YAG systems