NEW Laser Safety Glasses for Nd:YAG systems

NEW Safety Glasses

We can now offer new laser safety glasses for the 1064nm wavelength from Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers (typically used for tattoo removal).


These new glasses (left) offer a much better visual inspection of the tattoo compared with the standard glasses (see below). However, they can ONLY be used for the 1064nm as they give  no protection against the 532nm wavelength at all. They optical density they offer is 7+ for 1064nm – sufficient for most Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers used for tattoo removal.

So, they are useful for laser operators when using the 1064nm wavelength, when they wish to have a better view of the tattoo. I would always recommend that patients/clients are only ever given the ‘standard’ glasses which protect against both 1064nm and 532nm.


The ‘orange’ glasses protect against both 1064 & 532nm
while the ‘clear’ glasses protect against 1064nm only.

For more information please visit Dermalase.




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