LSO (Laser Safety Officer) Training

I’ll open with the fact that I am a Certified Laser Protection Adviser (LPA) and a committee member of the Association of Laser Safety Professionals. I am also a member of ASLMS, the BMLA and the ELA.

As such, I can go into a laser/IPL centre and carry out a safety assessment to ensure that the centre is operating within the various governing laws.

Recently, there has been much talk about Laser Safety Officers in these centres. At the moment, this role doesn’t appear to be taken very seriously  by business owners. This can lead to mistakes and possible injuries!

fig18So, in order to redress this situation, I now offer an LSO course which complies with the guidance as set down by the MHRA.

This course covers all aspects of laser and IPL safety including how to minimise the risks associated with using this type of equipment.

laserdamageGiven that insurance premiums are rising in the aesthetic industry every year, there is a definite advantage in obtaining proper LSO training. (You can also put it on your CV!)

All trainees receive a ‘Certificate of Achievement’ following a one-day course. At the end of the course a short examination will be given to each trainee (just to be sure they have understood the main concepts and are competent). The course costs £350 and can be delivered in my office in Glasgow, or in your facility (I will need to charge extra for my travel costs though!!)


So, if you want to keep your staff and clients safe then consider taking up this course. I offer discounts for groups – please email me for details.




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