Advanced Laser-Tissue Interactions Course

New Advanced Laser-Tissue Interactions Course

Finally, a course designed to outline a deeper understanding of the processes involved when applying laser/IPL energy to the skin. wordcloud_Arrhenius.png

Topics include:

Light transport in tissues;
Thermodynamic effects;
Selective Photothermolysis;
Tissue denaturation;
Arrhenius damage integral…..


And more!

Using recently developed computer models this course describes the more important processes which occur during photothermal treatment of hair, blood vessels and pigmented lesions.

It includes new concepts to explain the reasons why some protocols produce good clinical results, while others do not.

We also discuss why lasers are better than IPLs for some conditions, while the reverse is also true for others.

If you really want to understand how and why your laser/IPL system works then sign up for this course.







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