Single or Double Rod Nd:YAG Lasers?

  Nowadays, it is possible to purchase Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers with a single YAG rod, or with two rods. So, what is the difference and is it important? To understand why a laser might have two rods instead of one we should look at the basic design of a laser first. Basic laser cavity A… Continue reading Single or Double Rod Nd:YAG Lasers?

New publication in LSM

  I’ve just received acknowledgement that my paper – High speed ink aggregates are ejected from tattoos during Q‐switched Nd:YAG laser treatments has been accepted for publication in Lasers in Surgery and Medicine. It should be available for public consumption next month, but if you want a wee preview just let me know.   Mike.

Refresher Courses

I can now offer the following ‘refresher courses’: Laser tattoo removal: Choosing the correct settings Which laser is best? How does it actually work? Ink colours Pain management Managing patient expectations Minimising risk   Laser/IPL removal of hair, vessel, pigmentation + skin rejuvenation Choosing the correct settings… Understanding the light-tissue interactions The critical importance of… Continue reading Refresher Courses

Are you getting the best out of your IPL system? Most people don’t….

  IPL systems can generate excellent results in many conditions, if used correctly. However, I constantly hear people telling me that they “can’t get good results” with theirs! Why is this? Well, basically it comes down to two main factors:   either their equipment is not very good or cannot output a sufficient energy or… Continue reading Are you getting the best out of your IPL system? Most people don’t….