“Thermal relaxation times: an outdated concept in photothermal treatments”



This is an article I co-authored with my good friend, PA Torstensson, about our interpretation of the idea that thermal relaxation times (TRTs) can be used to determine the pulse duration of laser energy when applied to skin conditions (hair, blood vessels etc).

We disagree with this idea – as the title hints at!


We think that it was merely a ‘lucky coincidence’ that the TRTs of the blood vessels originally targeted in the development of this idea (and the theory of ‘Selective Photothermolysis’) actually showed promising results.

We postulate that a more complex interaction is occurring which involves at least two stages (see other posts).



However, this paper gives a fairly simple description of why we think that TRTs should be consigned to the bin when considering the required pulse durations of light energy.

If you would like to see a full copy, please let me know.



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