Refresher Courses


I can now offer the following ‘refresher courses’:

Laser tattoo removal:

  • Choosing the correct settings
  • Which laser is best?
  • How does it actually work?
  • Ink colours
  • Pain management
  • Managing patient expectations
  • Minimising risk


Laser/IPL removal of hair, vessel, pigmentation + skin rejuvenation

  • Choosing the correct settings…
  • Understanding the light-tissue interactions
  • The critical importance of cooling
  • ‘Thick vs Thin’ hair/blood vessels!
  • Different body areas
  • Minimising skin damage


Laser safety

  • Undertsanding the risks and hazards
  • Minimising those risks and hazards
  • Safety glasses
  • Following the ‘Local Rules’
  • LPS responsibilities
  • Risk Analysis


Core of Knowledge 

  • Basics of laser/IPL treatments
  • Basic physics of lasers/IPLs
  • Class of lasers
  • Hazards of lasers
  • Risk Analysis
  • Relevant safety aspects


These courses are aimed at anyone who has previous experience/training but who require to update or refresh their knowledge.

Each course lasts for an hour and costs £125 incl. (Extra costs will be incurred if I need to travel to your location).

Please contact me if you have any queries.




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