How long have you actually treated patients/clients wth lasers?

A bit of fun….

If you treat 10 tattoo patients a day with a Q-switched laser (using a 10 nanosecond pulse width) and each treatment requires, say, 1000 pulses, then the total treatment time is 0.1 milliseconds.

This is the actual time you have applied the laser energy!


If you operate your laser clinic for 5 days a week for 40 years (yikes!!!) then the total time you have applied the laser is 1.04 seconds (assuming you work every single day in that 40 years!!)

So, there you go! In 40 years you only actually ‘work’ for 1.04 seconds. It’s even less if you use a picosecond laser!! Although, it is a wee bit longer if you use millisecond lasers…..


Cheerio for 2019!

Have a good Xmas and NY, and all that stuff….





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