My first published paper…. on laser tattoo removal, in 1990

Q-switched ruby laser treatment of tattoos: a 9 year experience’ – British Journal of Plastic Surgery (1990), 43, 663-669.

I can’t believe we wrote this paper 30 years ago!!!



I am still working on this topic. In particular, I am modeling the interactions between laser energy and tattoo ink particles, with both nano- and picosecond pulses.

Hopefully, this work will be published later this year…




One thought on “My first published paper…. on laser tattoo removal, in 1990

  1. I’m extremely interested in what you conclude in the Pico/nano study. Our own testing has not shown much benefit fro the sub-Nano lasers. There was however much more Collateral tissue damage. So much so, that we could not perform multi pass treatments. The only valid Pico research showing major benefit was done be Rox Andersen using 45ps. That’s one tenth of the fastest commercially available Pico laser pulse.

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