MasterClass interview – Claire Louise

During our 1st DermaLase MasterClass we interviewed Claire-Louise seeking her views on the event so far. This was recorded after the end of the first day when we discussed the basics of lasers and IPL systems, and laser/IPL removal of hair.

CL had been trained by me a couple of years ago and was keen to learn all the ‘new stuff’ I was presenting at this event. She had already applied the settings and techniques I had taught her previously and had improved her results. I invited her to appear on a panel so that we could all discuss the realities of laser/IPL treatments, as a forum. It went very well!

Here’s what she had to say about the MasterClass:

We’d like to thank Claire-Louise for allowing us to use this video here.

More videos to follow.

The next MasterClass will be held in Glasgow, Scotland in January 2023. More details will follow soon.


PS Our new book will be available soon in hardback format…

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