What are the three most important factors in laser/IPL hair removal?

Laser/IPL hair removal has a wide range of outcomes! Sometimes the results are great, sometimes, not so good. Why is this?

The treatment requires that the germ/stem cells are irreversibly denatured – ‘cooked’ – sufficiently so that they cannot regrow the follicle.

This can only be done with the correct level of fluence, which depends on the depth of the germ cells.

But, at the same time, we must ensure that the surrounding tissues are not thermally damaged. So this means that proper cooling must be applied – before, during and after the treatments.

Finally, the third most important point is the timing between repeat sessions. We must aim to treat areas when the maximum number of anagen follicles are present. These events occur at different times across the body due to the variation in the growth cycles.

So, it appears that the success of laser/IPL hair removal treatments depends on these three factors:


Skin cooling


If these are chosen correctly, the success rate will increase. If one, or more, of these are not carefully chosen, then the success rate can drop markedly!

Quite simple really…

You can read more about all these in our book..

Ciao for now,


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