Refresher Courses

I can now offer the following ‘refresher courses’: Laser tattoo removal: Choosing the correct settings Which laser is best? How does it actually work? Ink colours Pain management Managing patient expectations Minimising risk   Laser/IPL removal of hair, vessel, pigmentation + skin rejuvenation Choosing the correct settings… Understanding the light-tissue interactions The critical importance of… Continue reading Refresher Courses

Q-switches: Passive vs Active?

  Throughout the last few years I have heard some people (usually sales people) trying to bamboozle potential customers with various nonsense claims. This is to be expected I suppose, but one which does irritate me greatly is the ‘active’ vs ‘passive’ Q-switch debate!! So, I thought I’d write a wee piece about this topic,… Continue reading Q-switches: Passive vs Active?

Are picosecond lasers worth the cost?

That’s a good question! A picosecond laser costs around £100,000 in the UK, at the moment. A ‘standard’ Q-switched laser costs anywhere between £10,000 and £60,000. QS lasers can output up to 2 Joules of energy in pulsewidths as short as 5 nanoseconds, while some commercially available pico lasers can output up to 1 Joule… Continue reading Are picosecond lasers worth the cost?

What is this ‘Level 4’, ‘Level 5’ in aesthetics stuff all about?

    Like most people I was a bit confused about this new ‘Level 4’, 5, 6 and 7 malarkey! I hear conflicting information from various sources saying that everyone using lasers/IPLs “must” be educated to these levels; then other sources saying “not yet”!! So, what’s the state of play? I recently came across an… Continue reading What is this ‘Level 4’, ‘Level 5’ in aesthetics stuff all about?