Cosmoprof, Hong Kong, November 2016

So I decided to go to this year’s Cosmoprof Show in Hong Kong. I know, it’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it…

I found many Chinese and Korean manufacturers of lasers, IPLs, RF equipment and loads of other interesting gadgets. I also spoke to a fair number of sales people and engineers (I prefer engineers – they tend to tell the truth!!)

I think next year should be interesting for anyone in the aesthetic industry. Some new bits of kit will be making their way to us here in the UK. I know many people think that Chinese tech is not good – well, they’re not quite right.

I know of a number of good manufacturers who produce some good gear. I also know of an Italian and a very well known Israeli company which produces ‘below par’ equipment!!!

Keep coming back to my blog for more info over the next few months…..






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