Time Travel – is it possible?


We are ALL time-travellers.

According to Einstein we move thru spacetime, not time.  One day at a time….


Personally, I cannot see how time travel is possible. Nor is it sensible. Being able to go back in time and change something is just a fantastically stupid concept as to be non-sensical. Why would ‘nature’ allow that?

But, in a more logical approach I have decided that ‘time travel’, as depicted by science fiction writers etc, is simply not feasible. Here’s why…


The assumption every time traveller makes is that there is somewhere and some time to ‘travel’ to. In other words, he can leave his current spacetime coordinates and appear at some other spacetime coordinates.

This implies that EVERY spacetime coordinate that has ever existed and can ever exist must exist, for ALL TIME!

Think about that and its ramifications. Every spacetime coordinate in the past still exists. And will exist for all time. Likewise, every spacetime coordinate in the future.

This is just nonsense!! Why would the universe have a system where every single spacetime coordinate exists simultaneously, for all of time? There is no logical reason for that. Plus, the amount of energy required to create and sustain that setup is just beyond all comprehension!

It also means that the future already exists – which means that we have no free will! The future has already been ‘determined’. In other words, no matter what you choose to do your future is outside of your control!!



I can’t (and don’t want to) believe that. I am an atheist and to me, this concept proves the existence of a god. Only a ‘god’ could or would set up such a crazy universe, where free will is an illusion.


So, in summary, time travel indicates a bizarre universal setup which, in itself, implies some sort of external control.

I see no evidence for either so I choose not to believe either!





PS Of course, time travel due to gravitational effects or near light-speed velocities is perfectly feasible, according to Einstein’s relativity theories. But that’s a different matter altogether….

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