Beware your patient paperwork

Today I learned about a case where a medical doctor was sued by an unhappy patient following laser tattoo removal.

Even though she had formed a limited company – meaning that she should have had ‘limited liability’ – she was sued personally by her patient’s lawyers. They did this because her Consent Form was wrong!

The lawyers spotted that the Consent Form was a contract between the patient and the doctor, NOT HER COMPANY!!!

This left the doctor completely open to the lawsuit, since the contract was essentially ‘outside’ of the limited company.

She lost the suit!

She had to pay all the costs out of her own pockets!!


….check your paperwork! Make sure all contracts are between your patients and your company, NOT YOU!








2 thoughts on “Beware your patient paperwork

  1. Hi Mike, do you happen to have an example of a bulletproof contract or waiver I could use ? It is always a worry and a friend of mine is currently being sued by a client for scarring caused after session 4…. We know insurance will try get out of paying out leaving her liable… It is always a worry for me too… Scarring is always a risk I drill home at 1 at consultation but I still worry.. Steve@laser-lite

    1. Hi Steve. I don’t think such a contract exists! Lawyers are paid to find ways around contracts, that’s what they do. My only suggestion is to have a friendly lawyer look over your documents.

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