All our animations, videos and pdfs….

Below is a list of all of our animations, on our YouTube Channel, and the associated pdfs (for download). This list will be updated as new material is created.

Click on the title to see the animation/video or on the pdf link on the right… (please note not all of these have an associated pdf file – more will come soon).

You can find most of this stuff in our eBook – click here.

Animation / Video – Tattoos and laser lightDownloadable
pdf files
What is colour and how does it affect laser tattoo removal?PDF
Understanding the physical processes which occur during laser tattoo removal
– my BMLA 2021 presentation
Tattoo laser wavelengths – how does anisotropy affect treatments?PDF
Comparing tattoo laser wavelengthsPDF
What are the colours in tattoo inks?PDF
How to calibrate a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser.None
What is actually in tattoo ink colours?PDF

This next table looks at hair & blood vessels…

Animations / Videos – Using light to remove hair, blood vessels etcDownloadable pdf files
How does light heat up hair follicles, blood vessels etc?PDF
Why do we use red light for hair removal?PDF
How can we get enough fluence to the correct depth?PDF
Why is skin surface cooling so important in photo thermal treatments?PDF
Why do things go wrong in these treatments?PDF

This table looks at the physics of laser/IPL light and heat in the skin…

Animations / Videos – Physics of laser/IPL interactions in skinDownloadable pdf files
Where does light go in the skin?PDF
Clinically useful penetration depthPDF
IPL flash lamps – how do we use them?PDF
What is ‘energy density’ or ‘fluence’?PDF
The temperature rise in skin targets after laser/IPLPDF
What is ‘absorption’?PDF
What is ‘scattering’?None
What is light?None
How long is a beam of light?PDF
How does eye damage compare with laser Class?PDF
Light absorption in the skin PDF

The next table has a number of videos showing my history in this field…

Historical videos of me and our company…
The first Q-switched laser tattoo removal clinic in the world!
Another video of our clinic back in 1991
When we were treating port wine stains in 1992
Appearing on TVAM with a young Dr Hilary Jones
The world’s first ever promo video for laser tattoo removal
Our old friend, Terry Wrigley, talking about tattoos

I will be adding more animations, videos and pdfs over time. Please revisit to see these.

If I have made any mistakes above, please let me know.

Ciao for now,


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