Treating nasal thread veins with an IPL

IPL devices output a broad range of wavelengths which can be used to treat hair, blood vessels and pigmentation. We know that blood absorbs yellow light very strongly – typically in the region 500 to 600 nm (or thereabouts!)

I trained some ladies (in ‘Mona Permanent Cosmetics’), recently, to use their IPL for telangiectasias (thread veins – commonly found on the face and legs).

Using the correct filter, we set the device for a fluence of 20 J/cm^2 in a 30 millisecond pulse and applied the energy to the vessels below. We used a wooden spatula to mask areas where we didn’t want the light energy to reach, and to help position the IPL tip more carefully.

The top three photos show the area before any treatment. The lower three are immediately after the treatment.

The results, after just one shotin each area, were immediate. These vessels have been fully coagulated by the heat generated. These vessels should not return. However, new vessels may grow at any time in the future.

This shows the benefit of ‘selective photothermolysis‘ – we target the haemoglobin in the blood with the yellow light. The heat generated by the appropriate fluence induces thermal coagulation of the vessel walls, where the endothelial cells live. As long as these cells are ‘cooked’ for a sufficiently long period, they will die, and the vessel will be reabsorbed by the body over time.

We have more photos which I will add to this blog post soon…

As with all technology, IPLs can generate excellent results, but only if the user knows what they are doing. Training is key!!

We will be discussing this treatment along with the removal of hair, tattoos and pigmentation in our Masterclass later this year –

Hope to see you all there..


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