New Book – Medical/Aesthetic Lasers & IPLs and Skin Treatments

I have been asked many times in the last few years for a recommendation for an introductory book describing the application of lasers and IPLs in aesthetic treatments.

My answer was always the same – “There isn’t one!!”

So, I finally took the plunge and decided to write one, with my colleague PA Torstensson.

The book will be an e-book, available online. If there is sufficient demand we will print it in softback/hardback form.

In this edition we cover much of the basics and fundamentals of lasers and IPLs, and many of their applications in skin.

The contents include:

The ‘fundamentals’ of laser hair removal, tattoo removal, treatment of blood vessels, benign pigmented lesions, skin rejuvenation and fractional laser treatments including ‘Facts and Fictions’
The basics of lasers and IPLs – the technology
Important laser/IPL terms including wavelength, pulse duration, fluence and power density, spot size, repetition rate – what do they all mean? Click here for a preview…
Basic light-tissue interactions including absorption & scattering in tissues, penetration depth (real and effective), back-scattering, chromophores, refraction, the Fitzpatrick Scale – how do these affect treatment results?
Calibration charts – why are they important? Here’s a preview…
Loss of reactions in targets – why does this happen?
Eye Safety
Laser/IPL Plume
A ‘Safe’ Working Environment

This is a short list of the book’s contents – there is much more than shown here!

We have written this book so that it is understandable by an eleven year old! Too many texts are overly complicated with too much scientific or medical jargon – we took the decision to make this book much more accessible so that anyone reading it will understand the concepts.

However, it will contain enough science for the ‘geeks’ (like us) who want to learn more about how and why lasers do what they do in the skin.

We intend to launch the book around the beginning to middle of October (or thereabouts).

Watch this space….


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