The WRONG way to do laser tattoo removal!

It appears many people are using their tattoo laser wrongly! They are holding it off the skin, up to 10 to 20cm away.

This is just wrong!! By doing this they will invariably apply a very small spot diameter at the skin surface which generates a huge fluence (energy density). Such fluences can easily damage the skin.

Apparently, they’re told to listen out for the ‘crack’ or ‘snap’ sound. They’re told that this ensures a proper treatment.

It doesn’t!! It means they’re much more likely to damage the skin.

I zapped my arm with a QS Nd:YAG laser with the tip about 10cm from the surface. A loud cracking noise was heard, even though there is no tattoo ink present. The result was some punctuate bleeding immediately after the application. I might never play the violin again…

The crack noise can be generated on skin with no tattoo ink – see photo above. It can be generated on a white piece of paper. It has nothing to do with the treatment!

Most lasers are designed so that the end of the tip should be in contact, or just slightly above, the skin surface. No further than a few millimetres.

That way the correct spot size is applied and, hence, the correct fluence.

If you’re going to do it, do it correctly (according to some singer bloke…)

Hope this helps,


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