Here is a list of my blog posts covering laser/IPL hair removal, tattoos, blood vessels, physics, MasterClasses and other stuff…

Last update – 29.1.23

Below are links to my blog posts…

Laser/IPL Hair Removal

Fundamentals of Laser/IPL Hair Removal – online now!

Hair Removal – Why is it painful?

Why are laser/IPL hair removal treatments painful? And how do we minimise it?

“I’ve burnt my patient!!” With IPL treatments, that is precisely what we are tying to do…

What are the threshold (minimum) fluences needed to ensure successful hair removal?

How Many Laser/IPL Hair Removal Sessions do I need to get a Good Result?

The Hair Growth Cycle & Laser/IPL Treatments. When is the ‘best’ time to treat?

Laser/IPL hair removal. How long should we leave between treatments? It’s definitely NOT six weeks…

What is the ‘best’ interval between hair removal sessions (after treatment by lasers or IPLs)? Part 2.

More on the ‘best’ intervals between laser/IPL hair removal sessions…

How to apply the ‘SHR’ and ‘stamping’ techniques properly during hair removal – my videos

Hair removal using Diode lasers vs Nd:YAG, Alex lasers & IPLs

Applying the SHR technique properly to remove hair…

What are the three most important factors in laser/IPL hair removal?

It is impossible to ‘over-cool’ the skin when treating hair with lasers or IPLs

IPL Hair Removal – How to achieve good results, from an expert – Marlon!

Why we should NOT reduce the fluence when treating darker skins!!!

What is the risk of ‘burning’ the skin with a laser or IPL?

Calculating the optimum intervals between hair removal sessions.

How Many Laser/IPL Hair Removal Sessions do I need to get a Good Result?

What is the key to success with laser/IPL treatments?

Not all hair removal lasers and IPLs are the same!!

Laser/IPL Hair Removal – plume and precautions!!!

Laser/IPL Hair Removal – How many follicles do we kill each treatment?

“The hairs grow back after the treatment…”

The ‘best’ way to cool the skin during laser/IPL treatments

Why do so many laser/IPL hair removal treatments fail?

Thick and thin hair – how much light energy do they actually absorb during photothermal treatments?

“I’m scared to use my laser/IPL.” Why?

Calibrating an IPL device

Which is better – laser or IPL hair removal?

Choosing the appropriate IPL filter

Are you getting the best out of your IPL system? Most people don’t….


Laser Tattoo Removal

BMLA 2021 – My presentation – Is laser tattoo removal a ‘steam-driven’ process?

What colour is that tattoo?

Laser Tattoo Removal – wavelengths and anisotropy

Tattoo ink colours, absorptions and fluences…

The WRONG way to do laser tattoo removal!

Picosecond vs Nanosecond Laser Tattoo Removal: which is better?

My first published paper…. on laser tattoo removal, in 1990

Chapter 2 – Fundamentals of Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removed in just 4 sessions using a QS Nd:YAG at 1064nm

How long should you leave between laser tattoo removal treatments?

What exactly is ‘frosting’ in laser tattoo removal?

The world’s FIRST ever commercial laser tattoo patient…

Q-switches: Passive vs Active?

Chasing the ‘crack’ in laser tattoo treatments! Is this right?

The world’s first promo video for a Q-switched tattoo removal laser

“Q-switched 532nm laser energy causes significant vascular damage in the capillary plexus – how does this affect laser tattoo removal?”

Single or Double Rod Nd:YAG Lasers?

New publication in ‘Lasers in Surgery and Medicine


Removal of blood vessels by lasers and IPLs

Treating blood vessels with an IPL

Treating nasal thread veins with an IPL

New IPL Masking Technique


Physics & Biophysics

How can there be more fluence inside the skin than is applied at the surface???

Thermal Relaxation Time – The Flaw in Selective Photothermolysis

How much light energy actually emerges from IPL filters and reaches the skin surface?

Calibrating your laser – making sense of the numbers…

Selective Photothermolysis – an in-depth explanation

Eye safety!!

Thermal Relaxation Time – what is wrong with it?

More on Thermal Relaxation Times

Laser energy, energy density, fluence, leprechauns and star bursts……

How strongly are different laser wavelengths absorbed in melanin and blood?

How strongly do blood and melanin absorb light energy and how does this affect laser/IPL treatments?

De-mystifying the physics jargon behind light-based treatments

The Fitzpatrick Skin Scale – What is wrong with this idea???

Laser-IPL Penetration Depth – a more useful definition

A ‘Brief Guide’ to some of the more important terms used in medical/aesthetic laser/IPL treatments

How long does tissue take to be damaged by heat?

Light penetration into skin and the subsequent temperature rise

Back-scattered light from the skin is much more than we think…

What is it like to ‘sit’ on a photon and be fired into the skin?

Laser spot size – how it changes with distance from the target…

IPL filters

What is ‘energy density’ or ‘fluence’?

Experiments with India ink and a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser

Laser Safety Glasses – Are you safe?



Masterclass – Laser Tattoo Removal & Laser/IPL Treatment of Hair/Vessels/Pigmentation/Acne

MasterClass interview – Claire Louise

MasterClass interview – Paul



Purchasing our book chapters

Finally… Our laser/IPL book is in hardback, printed form…

Where do photons go in the skin?

Laser/IPL Plume – Aesthetic Journal

Carbon Facial treatment with the QS Nd:YAG laser

My concerns in today’s aesthetic industry…

All our animations, videos and pdfs….

My papers and articles…

How do viruses, and laser plume, spread in the air…?

Plume Control in Clinics – Article in the ‘Journal of Aesthetic Nursing

Is your clinic air safe? How to remove contamination.

My research in pain relief and wound healing

Electromagnetic and audio human perceptions of this universe

My history in lasers and IPLs and other stuff…

From the very, very small to the very, very big….

Before ‘IPL’, there was ‘Supraherence’!!

Beware your patient paperwork

How long have you actually treated patients/clients with lasers?

My ‘Hole in a Stick’ technique…

What is your weight on Mars? Or other planets???

How long is a beam of laser light?

James Clerk Maxwell – a real genius

Association of Laser Safety Professionals

Flying fragments

How much energy does it take to heat a cup of coffee or tea?


More later folks……

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